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The Belt and Road

Henan Zhongyuan Aquatic Products Logistics Port: Help "the Belt and Road" interconnection
The origin of the road
"the Belt and Road" to improve the development level of modern agriculture by agricultural cooperation in Cambodia

The Belt and Road




Henan Zhongyuan Aquatic Products Logistics Port: Help "the Belt and Road" interconnection

Article reports
2017/09/25 15:59

  October 31, 2013, in the original Zhengzhou aquatic world on the basis of investment and construction, Henan Zhongyuan Four Seasons Aquatic Logistics Port official external operation. Nowadays, as a large-scale market of aquatic products, livestock and poultry trade and processing in the Midwest, it is also a large-scale cold chain, warehousing and logistics center in the Midwest, with the trend of globalization, bathing "the whole way" national strategy Spring Breeze, Henan Zhongyuan Four Seasons Aquatic Logistics Port sailing sail again.

  "All along" to promote the logistics industry

  "Running" into spring

  Since entering the new century, the logistics industry is almost every year government work report must mention content, from 2002 "The gradual implementation of logistics", 2008 "logistics booming", to 2016 "Perfect logistics distribution Network", "reduce the cost of enterprise Logistics", to 2017 "through deepening reform, improve policy, To reduce the cost of institutional transaction and reduce the cost of using energy and logistics, we can see the development of logistics industry in our country. The signal released by the 2017 government work report indicates that the logistics industry has a broader development space, and the logistics industry will "run" into the spring.

  At the same time, the Government's work report in the introduction of the "2017 key task" requirements, "to firmly promote the area along the road" construction. We should continue to discuss and share together, speed up the construction of land economic corridor and sea cooperation fulcrum, and construct the cooperation mechanism along the line. Deepen international capacity cooperation, drive our equipment, technology, standards, services ' go out ' to achieve complementary advantages. We should strengthen exchanges and cooperation in education, culture, tourism and other fields. ”

  Promote the "All the way" strategy, traffic interconnection is the basis, but also the focus. February 10, the state leaders in the chair to promote the "All the way" construction work conference, said, to vigorously promote the interconnection of infrastructure, to co-ordinate the construction of major key projects. At the end of 2016, at the meeting of the leading group to promote the "All the way" construction work, departments concerned to promote the "All the way" construction, transport is the foundation and support, is the priority area and breakthrough, to accurately grasp the traffic in the "All the way" in the construction of the positioning, and effectively use the transport development golden opportunity period, Through the international capacity cooperation momentum, and constantly improve the interconnection and economic and social development level.