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The Belt and Road

Henan Zhongyuan Aquatic Products Logistics Port: Help "the Belt and Road" interconnection
The origin of the road
"the Belt and Road" to improve the development level of modern agriculture by agricultural cooperation in Cambodia

The Belt and Road




The origin of the road

Article reports
2017/09/22 15:53

  The strategic vision of the General Secretary: September 7, 2013, Mr. XI, speaking at the Kazakh University of Kazakhstan, said: "In order to make the economic ties of countries closer, mutual cooperation more in-depth, the development of a broader space, we can use innovative cooperation model." Joint construction of "Silk Road Economic Zone", point, from line to film, gradually formed regional cooperation. On October 3, 2013, President Xi Jinping said in a speech to the Indonesian Parliament: China is willing to strengthen maritime cooperation with ASEAN countries, use the China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation Fund established by the Chinese government, develop a good ocean partnership and jointly build the 21st century "Maritime Silk Road". "China will work with other countries to accelerate the construction of the Silk Road Economic Zone and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, launch the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as soon as possible, participate more deeply in the regional cooperation process, and promote the mutual promotion of Asian development and security, Other。 On November 8, 2014, in a dialogue on the strengthening of the Partnership, Mr. Xi pointed out that the common construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and the interconnection between the integration, complementarity. If the "area all the way" analogy for the two wings of Asia Take-off, then the interconnection is the two wings of the Blood Meridian. In his speech, "China Unicom leads development partners to focus on cooperation", he pointed out that first, the Asian countries as the focus, the first to achieve interoperability in Asia. "Along the way" from Asia, relying on Asia, the benefit of Asia. China is willing to provide more public goods for Asian neighbors through interconnection, and welcome to China's development of trains. Second, based on economic corridor, establish the basic framework of interconnection in Asia. "Along the way" to take into account the needs of countries, the two major areas of land and sea, covering the wide, inclusive, radiation effect. Third, with the transport infrastructure as a breakthrough to achieve the early harvest of interconnection in Asia, the priority of the deployment of China and neighboring railway and highway projects. The other is to break the bottleneck of interconnection in Asia by constructing financing platform. China will invest $40 billion to set up a Silk Road fund. The Silk Road Fund is open and welcomes the active participation of investors both within and outside the Asian region. To strengthen the social foundation of the interconnection between Asia and the humanities. Over the next 5 years, China will provide 20,000 training places for neighboring countries in the field of interoperability. On November 11, 2014, at an informal meeting of APEC leaders in 2014, President Xi Jinping proposed the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area (FTAAP) Development vision for APEC to promote the implementation of the Asia-Pacific FTA Beijing Roadmap

  Reach a consensus. The blueprint for the interconnection of the Asia-Pacific FTA will be published to the community as one of the four annexes to the declaration of the leaders ' meeting. (a) The use of public-private partnerships (PPP) and other means to improve infrastructure financing in connection with the interconnection of hardware, and the development of infrastructure including transport, ICT and energy. In the interconnection of the system, we should deal with the problems of trade facilitation, structural and Regulatory reform and transportation logistics facilitation. 2020 to achieve the economic cost savings of 25%, trade efficiency and facilitation of 25% of the goal. [6] December 16, 2014 China-Central and Eastern Europe cooperation in Belgrade outline, plan to formulate the China-Middle East European countries medium-term cooperation plan. [7] on August 17, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward 8 requests for the construction of the "area along the way". [8]