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Thoughts on promoting mutual insurance of aquaculture

Industry News
2017/09/21 17:37

  In recent years, extreme weather has increased and natural disasters have been frequent. Natural disasters, such as typhoons, droughts, Shang, earthquakes and epidemics, have brought great disasters to agricultural production. Since 2006, as a new initiative for farmers and peasants, the state has promoted policy agricultural insurance, which is well received by farmers and has ensured a great degree of protection for agricultural production. However, aquaculture and farming, animal husbandry have homogeneity, but because of the poor determination of insurance standard, the difficulty of clearing rate, the probability of danger, the difficulty of surveying and fixing and the high rate of claims, aquaculture insurance is still not in the field. To this end, to accelerate the promotion of aquaculture insurance, from the system to establish the risk management mechanism of aquaculture disaster, to effectively reduce the adverse impact of the disaster, for the farmers to erect a "aquatic insurance" firewall has become an important subject for urgent research.