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Preservation of long-distance aquatic product transportation in winter and spring

Company News
2017/09/21 16:31

  Live fish trafficking. Plastic film can be put on the bottom and around the wooden box (preferably with a cask), with water. To reduce death, before shipment to eliminate the activities of the less flexible, mechanical damage of the fish. At the same time, the wooden box above should be covered with nylon mesh to prevent the live fish jump out of the water or fall out of the car. Long-distance transport, such as the use of sleep method will be better, the method is to inject carbon dioxide and oxygen in the water 50%, let the fish in a coma, remove it from the water and loaded into a plastic bag or box, transport, so that it can sleep for thirty or forty hours, reach the destination, and then into the water, only a few minutes, fish can wake up.