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Henan Zhongyuan Aquatic Products Logistics Port: Help "the Belt and Road" interconnection
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Henan Zhongyuan Aquatic Products Logistics Port assists the construction of "the Belt and Road"

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2017/09/21 15:15

  Recently, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued "on the building of a healthy environment for entrepreneurs to promote good entrepreneurial spirit to better play the role of Entrepreneurs" (hereinafter referred to as "views"), the first time in the form of a centralized special documents to clarify the status and value of entrepreneurship. The views of the entrepreneur spirit of the connotation of the interpretation, pointed out that the new era of outstanding entrepreneurs should be "patriotic dedication to law and discipline, innovation and development focus on quality, the pursuit of excellence, the responsibility to serve the community" entrepreneurs, is actively responding to national policy, the initiative to implement national decision-making, To promote economic and social development, and promote the common prosperity of entrepreneurs.

  Zhongyuan Aquatic Products Logistics Port Chairman Chino's words and deeds fully embodies the excellent quality of a good entrepreneur. "Along the way" initiative proposed, let Qiu Xin Airlines keenly aware of the historic business opportunities. Central will be the interconnection of infrastructure, cross-regional logistics network to improve as the implementation of "All the Way" initiative key hand, let Air resolutely chose the cold chain logistics as the opening of the development of entrepreneurship. Under the leadership of Qiu Xin Airlines, after five years of development, the company has become a large scale in the Midwest, the collection of seafood, freshwater products, livestock and poultry products trading and processing as one of the market, but also the Midwest region's advanced cold chain, warehousing, logistics center, and become the practice of "the region all the way" The initiative and the local people's livelihood projects to closely integrate the development of the pioneer, for the economic and social development has made outstanding contributions.

  Fit the national "all the Way" initiative to help enterprises accelerate development

  Air believes that entrepreneurs should be patriotic and dedicated, dare to play, and actively respond to the national policy with actual action, implementation of the country's major decision-making deployment. It is the positive response to the national policy and major decision-making deployment of the initiative, the emergence of the key people's livelihood project cold chain logistics---Zhongyuan aquatic logistics port. With the continuous implementation of the "along the Way" initiative, as well as the related policy dividend sharing, the company in a short span of five years to achieve rapid development.

  During his visit to Central Asia and Southeast Asian countries in September 2013 and October, President Xi Jinping proposed a major initiative to build a "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road". In March 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce jointly released the Vision and action to promote the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, and put forward the emphasis on "expanding mutual investment fields, carrying out deep cooperation in the fields of agriculture, forestry and fishery, agricultural Ocean fishing, aquatic products processing "and other fields of cooperation;" The use of inland depth, rich human resources, good industrial base, "relying on the Central Plains urban agglomeration and other key areas, to promote regional interactive cooperation and industrial agglomeration and development; to" establish the Central European Corridor railway transport, port clearance coordination mechanism to create ' China-EU class list ' brand, build communication between inside and outside, connect East and West ', support inland cities such as Zhengzhou to build airport, international land port, strengthen the cooperation between inland ports and coastal, border crossings, carry out the pilot of E-commerce services for cross-border trade. February 2017, the State Council issued the "Thirteen-Five" Modern comprehensive transportation system development planning notice, proposed to further optimize the integrated transport hub layout, for the first time to clear Zhengzhou as the country's 12 highest level of international integrated transport hub one.

  At the same time, provinces and municipalities are speeding up the implementation of the "along the Way" initiative, and combined with the central top-level design, clear the region in the "along the Way" initiative in the strategic positioning and role. Henan Province has determined its own strategic positioning, that is, to create "All along the road" important integrated transport hub and business Logistics center, the new Eurasian Continental Bridge economic Corridor Regional Interactive cooperation strategic platform, the inland open to the Highlands. 2017 Henan provincial government work report clearly put forward, should take the Zhengzhou and other transportation hub city as the node, consummates the Hub function, takes the logistics belt industry, to the hub gathers the industry, trains the high speed railway, the temporary air, the Lingang port industry Especially to promote the cold chain logistics industry integration development.

  As the key project of Henan province, it is also the Central Plains Aquatic Logistics Port of the provincial and municipal key basket project construction project. The company in the "area all the way" initiative to accelerate the implementation process, ushered in a historic opportunity to accelerate development. With the development of the "along the Way" initiative, Zhengzhou has made up an international integrated transportation hub city consisting of 2 terminals, 162 routes, 6 railway stations, 2 railway lines, 6 high iron lines, 21 rail traffic, 11 highways, and the Cheng of the Sino-European Land Trade corridor, has been from the initial monthly Round 1, increased to the current weekly "go to four", Zhengzhou airport hub capacity is also being released. "Along the way" brought about by the logistics service capacity to improve, for the company's business radiation to provide support, in order to significantly reduce the time cost of the whole logistics port, in order to build Central Plains logistics hub to accelerate the development made contributions. At the same time, "along the way" the implementation of the initiative, but also for the Central Plains Aquatic Logistics port to carry out international cooperation and expand the international market provides a platform and opportunity.

  Symposium on the special topic of cultural communication and economic development

  Research Center for Development Studies, national Sound think tank honorary Director-and other think-tank experts research Zhongyuan Aquatic Products Logistics Port

  Central Plains Aquatic Logistics port and "all the way" cultural Communication and Economic Development Task Force signed a special project cooperation. The two sides around the "all the way" and Henan Zhongyuan Aquatic Logistics Port Special topics to carry out joint research, academic research, expert consultation and other cooperation. "Henan Zhongyuan Aquatic Logistics Port" project was included in the "All the Way" dynamic Project library. The dynamic Project library has entered a number of related projects and projects in the "area along the way" which has great influence and impetus in the whole country. Researcher, Development Research Center, State Council, National Sound think tank honorary Director-in the Central Plains Aquatic Logistics Port Research, the company's development and "along the road" construction close convergence, in the country "along the way" initiative implementation of the background, the external environment for the development of the company has provided a very good support, the direction of development is also in line with policy -believes that the future of the Central Plains Aquatic Logistics port, based on the "All along the way", will usher in a good momentum of development.

  Continuous pursuit of excellence occupy cold chain industry development Highland

  The pursuit of excellence is one of the core connotations of excellent entrepreneurial spirit, but also the key driving force for the sustainable Development of AIR enterprises. To Qiu Xin, the Central Plains aquatic products Logistics Port's long-term development goal is to do a stronger and better, seize the domestic cold chain industry development Highland, become the industry pilot enterprises.

  Logistics Port Cold Storage

  One is committed to the cause of large-scale cold chain service providers, bigger and stronger do excellent cold chain services, become the industry leader. As income levels continue to rise, consumers are increasingly interested in healthy foods, and demand for fresh food is growing; frozen food has become an indispensable requirement for Chinese consumers, especially for urban consumers. The new trend of consumption demand has directly promoted the development of refrigeration chain industry. Cold chain has always been a demanding logistics subdivision area, the need for capital-intensive equipment input, strict temperature requirements, strong dependence on energy. How to ensure the product quality, and effectively reduce costs, become a cold chain enterprises face the severe challenges. One of the ways to solve this problem lies in speeding up the development of large-scale cold chain service enterprises; cold chain enterprises only bigger, before more ability to do better. At present, our country cold chain logistics and cold storage industry is still in the growth stage, per capita cold storage volume is equivalent to one-fifth of the United States, the future to accelerate the development of a large space. Zhongyuan Aquatic Products Logistics Port Phase I construction of a 180,000 tons of cold storage, and later according to market development, but also expanded a 70,000 tons of cold storage, refrigeration service capacity significantly improved. In the future, the company plans to build on the development of the International integrated transportation hub under the "All Along" initiative of Zhengzhou, as well as the development of Cheng column, strengthen cooperation with Zhengzhou railway system, make Zhengzhou a railway cold chain hub, upgrade to China cold chain Logistics center area, let frozen goods and cold chain service become Zhengzhou new business card, The Central Plains Aquatic Logistics port construction into a national market share of the leading frozen goods distribution center. In the size of large enterprises, on the basis of improving the market competitiveness, the Central Plains Aquatic Logistics port is also focusing on the cold chain logistics supply chain, the financial supply chain and the whole course information platform construction, and strive to promote the cold chain technology and informatization level by innovating the cold chain logistics development mode, to realize the company's cold chain logistics to the high level Then seize the cold chain industry development Highland, enhance the company's cold chain industry market position.

  Second, to further improve the logistics network, the accumulation of business operators, to achieve continuous expansion of business scale. For more than three years, the Central Plains Aquatic Logistics Port has been actively engaged in the construction of logistics network, expanding the Enterprise tentacles, has now basically covered China's main import and export ports, completed by the point and line, wire into the network layout. The Land Logistics network and the Sea Silk Road coincide, realized from Lianyungang to the west, through Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xi ' An, Lanzhou, Urumqi, to Central Asia and European countries of cargo transport links; The Sea Logistics network is based on the ancient Sea Silk Road, one of the starting point of Guangxi Beihai, Qinzhou Port as the base has achieved the transport of goods to Southeast Asian countries. In the domestic market, the past aquatic products can only be sold in Zhengzhou local or peripheral markets, and with the help of E-commerce and logistics distribution network perfect, at present the Central Plains aquatic products Logistics Port commodity transactions have been radiation to Jilin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Chongqing and other more than 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. The improvement of the cold chain Logistics transportation network brings the convenience of the goods transportation and the decrease of the logistics cost, the increase of the company's cold storage capacity, the further enhancement of the attraction to the merchant, and the increasing number of the merchants in the port has now developed to two thousand or three thousand merchants, the annual merchandise turnover has exceeded more than 100 billion yuan. 2016, the establishment of the central Four Seasons International Trade Co., Ltd., the use of Henan Airport comprehensive experimental area meat port advantage, to invest 800 million yuan to build 100,000 tons of cold storage, to create international meat e-commerce Spot Trading Center, the realization of turnover of more than 30 billion yuan. Zhongyuan Four Seasons Aquatic products Logistics Port's successful operation, arranging related employment more than 100,000 people, has driven the local tertiary industry development, realizes the economic and social benefit double harvest.

  Multi-dimensional external cooperation to realize innovation and borrow power development

  The enterprise development needs the timely innovation way method, through the strategic cooperation realizes the Borrowing Force development has become the current acceleration enterprise development important measure. The modern society and the past enterprises completely rely on the single fight, by virtue of the entrepreneurial personal heroism to achieve the development of the era has a different nature. With the deepening of social division of Labor and Cooperation, the strategic cooperation between enterprises in different business sectors, providing business support to each other, realizing resource sharing and complementary advantages, has become an inevitable choice for speeding up the development of enterprises. Even in the same field of competition enterprises, cooperation has become the preferred choice of enterprises. It is in this cooperation to win the concept of promotion, Qiu Xin Airlines led the Central Plains aquatic products Logistics port at home and abroad to choose a wide range of cooperation, multidimensional development of foreign cooperation, with the help of external resources to better promote enterprise development.

  Henan Zhongyuan Aquatic Logistics Port Chairman Air and Singapore's first Food Group board chairman Goi signed a strategic cooperation agreement

  The introduction of Singapore's first food group, grafting international capital advantage. Singapore's first Food group was founded in 1977, is one of the largest private enterprises in Singapore, the leader of the Chinese-American, chairman of the Board of Directors Goi, the group has a number of listed companies, the food industry and the construction industry as a pillar, investment in steel, logistics, real estate, finance, communications, medical and other industries, all over Asia, Europe, America, Africa, is a diversified transnational business groups. Zhongyuan Aquatic Products Logistics Port introduced Singapore's first food group as a strategic investor, and its joint investment to build a national first-class warehousing and transaction integration of frozen seafood, livestock and poultry products, condiment warehousing, wholesale, Logistics Base Central Plains Four Seasons Agricultural logistics port. Tianjin Tianjin Gold Three international Logistics Co., Ltd., the use of Tianjin Binhai New Area Center port of food port advantages, acquisition and construction of 150,000 tons of cold storage, to create a world-class meat products storage, Trading International Center (Hong Kong), annual turnover will reach more than 50 billion yuan. And Singapore's first food group's strategic cooperation, not only to obtain investment funds, but also introduced the mature management experience of foreign enterprises, and can share the strategic partner market channels.

  Logistics Port Office Building

  With Cosco Shipping Group, Beihai government cooperation, fully through the "area all the way" logistics transport, expand the company's products market coverage. Through cooperation with COSCO Shipping group, can form the sea and rail transport seamless connection of the intermodal logistics system, thus in the Cosco Shipping group's cold chain port, direct the company from Europe and the United States imported by sea transport of cold chain fresh food loading, through the railway transport products to the company to distribution outlets or directly to customers. Similarly, the company's products can be directly transported by rail to the Cosco Shipping group port, direct shipment to all parts of the world, which can save the company a lot of time and storage costs. Through the investment cooperation with Beihai, we can further develop the pan-beibu Gulf Regional Aquatic products market, get through the sea Silk Road, take Beihai as the center, extend the company tentacles outward, and form a new business network covering Southeast Asian countries.

  Pay attention to the welfare of the people and actively repay the society

  Consciously fulfill the social responsibility, do the world entrepreneurs. As a basic unit of society, enterprises, in addition to operating according to law to earn profits, but also should actively pay attention to the well-being of people's livelihood, actively assume and fulfill social responsibility, and continuously repay the community. Social responsibility will increase the operating costs of enterprises, reduce the profitability of enterprises, but will also enhance corporate image, increase customer loyalty, conducive to long-term sustainable development of enterprises. Because of this, more and more enterprises have been actively undertaking and fulfilling the social responsibility, and regularly disclose to the society the situation that the enterprise fulfills social responsibility.

  Central Plains Aquatic Logistics Port promotes local economy and people's livelihood development, and actively fulfills social responsibility. First of all, through sustained and stable development of the company, on the one hand, it can create more job opportunities for local residents, promote the sustainable growth of local income, on the other hand, can promote the development of local industries, and jointly contribute to tax revenue growth. Second, the company is very concerned about the improvement of people's livelihood. For ordinary people, the need is a real life dividend, is visible, touch the "sense of gain." As the key shopping basket project of Henan province and Zhengzhou city, Zhongyuan aquatic products Logistics Port wholeheartedly serves for the common people, in order to facilitate and improve the life of the common people, and constantly bring fresh seafood to the central Plains People's table on time. The company launched the "Love War veterans" public welfare activities, for many veterans to provide in the logistics port entrepreneurial development opportunities. The company actively engaged in food safety public welfare activities, the Food Safety Promotion Association of Henan Province to create