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  Dear Friends:

  Henan Zhongyuan Four Seasons Aquatic products logistics Port since October 2013 since opening, in the provinces and cities at all levels of support and the company's board of directors, general manager of the correct leadership of the team, the company staff unity and hard work, after several years of construction and rolling development, has been the past 180,000 tons of cold storage to 500,000 tons Merchants from the past more than 1000 households to more than 2000 households, the transaction volume from the past more than 40 billion to more than 100 billion yuan, the impact from the past Henan province to the country's 18 provinces and autonomous regions and the world more than 20 countries and regions, in particular, and Singapore's first group cooperation, the introduction of international capital, The company plugged into the golden wings of the capital market quickly. The first group leader is a Chinese leader, a special tribute to the annual Chinese Dream, chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Goi, as Singapore's first group of strategic partners, the company and its joint investment to build a national first-class warehousing, trading, logistics integration of frozen aquatic products, livestock and poultry product, Spices of the Midwest region's largest international frozen goods trading Center (port).

  With the rapid development of the Four Seasons Aquatic logistics port in Zhongyuan, the company developed a "go out, introduced to" the development strategy, in June 2016 in Tianjin Binhai New Area central fishing port Food Port successfully acquired Tianjin Gold three international Logistics Co., Ltd., the acquisition of the construction of low-temperature cold storage 150,000 tons, to create the North international meat and aquatic warehousing and trading Center (Hong Kong), Achieve a turnover of more than 50 billion yuan. In Zhengzhou Airport comprehensive test area meat port set up the central Four Seasons International Trade company, investment 800 million yuan, construction of 100,000 tons of cold storage, the international trade of meat to cast E-commerce platform, the realization of annual turnover of more than 30 billion yuan. The successful operation of the Four Seasons Aquatic logistics port in Zhongyuan has brought about more than 100,000 jobs, which has stimulated the rapid development of the local tertiary industry, thus achieving the double harvest of economic and social benefits.

  Central Plains Aquatic Logistics Port will respond positively to the national "All along the Way" initiative, to promote our modern logistics cold storage industry development, and constantly improve the infrastructure construction, building a good cold chain logistics E-commerce trading platform for merchants to provide faster and more perfect and heart-intimate services, To the central plains of the Four Seasons Aquatic logistics port construction into a national first-class modern meat, aquatic products cold Chain Logistics Trading Center (Hong Kong) unremitting efforts!

  On the occasion of the company's new website, I would like to express my warmest congratulations on behalf of all staff on the successful opening of the new website. I wish the company prosperity, I wish the health of consumers nationwide, I wish the vast number of businesses thriving.


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