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Company Profile

Henan Zhongyuan Four Seasons Aquatic products Logistics Port Co., Ltd
The largest and most active aquatic products in the Midwest region of China, the wholesale logistics market of livestock and poultry product processing and trading

  Henan Zhongyuan Four Seasons Aquatic Logistics Port Co., Ltd. was established in August 2010, was founded in May 2012, operating on October 31, 2013. It is formed by the famous enterprise leader of China Federation Aquaculture Chamber of Commerce and some shareholders of the original aquatic world. From the original aquatic world relocated to, the company is located in Henan province, Zhengzhou Hui-ji District Luyuan Road No. 8th.

  Henan Zhongyuan Four Seasons Aquatic Logistics port is the largest and most active aquatic product in the Midwest of China, and the wholesale logistics market of livestock and poultry products processing and trading, and also the only one of Henan province's largest professional wholesale market for frozen aquatic products, with large scale, wide variety and fast logistics. Market covers an area of 196 mu, the total investment of 850 million, construction area of 280,000 square meters. One low-temperature cold storage 180,000 tons, 160,000 square meters, 23,000 square meters shops, trading floors 20,000 square meters, inspection and testing, information cold chain Logistics Service Center 26,000 square meters, underground car park 31,000 square meters, can be parked at the same time private car 1000 than. Processing workshop and refrigeration supporting room 30,000 square meters, the market financial services, telecommunications, communication facilities, agricultural quality and safety testing services in place. Owns more than 1000 merchants. The annual volume of goods is more than 3 million tons. The turnover amounted to more than 40 billion yuan. Annual tax increase of more than 200 million yuan. More than 20,000 rural surplus labor is arranged nearby. Now the company invested 250 million of the cold storage Phase II project has been started, the construction of low-temperature cold storage 60,000 tons, temperature storage 10,000 tons, to meet the market business needs.

  Henan Zhongyuan Four Seasons Aquatic products logistics Port Commodity trading radiation Jilin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Chongqing, etc. more than 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Henan Zhongyuan Four Seasons Aquatic Logistics Port is the National Ministry of Agriculture named "The People's Republic of China Agriculture Sentinel Market"; National Key Aquatic Products Wholesale Market price collection unit "; By the National Federation of Urban Centers as the" national Top 20 professional agricultural and sideline products wholesale market "and" the National top 100 agricultural and sideline products wholesale market "; By the China Market Association as" China brand-name market "; named" Provincial Aquatic Product Key Wholesale Market "by the Department of Agriculture of Henan province Four consecutive years by the Zhengzhou People's government named: "Agricultural Industrialization key Leading Enterprises", "Advanced Unit of Water Conservancy work", "the most influential wholesale market", and included in the Zhengzhou "Ten strong market" of the column, the CPC Hui-ji District party committees, district government as "safe production civilized management advanced units." Chairman Air was awarded the title of "Outstanding Private Entrepreneur" by Zhengzhou People's government.

  Henan Zhongyuan Four Seasons Aquatic Logistics Port Co., Ltd. Development planning for: In the next five years to build four centers: that is, clearing service center, quality and safety testing center, Information dissemination Center, aquatic products, livestock and poultry product, frozen food, hotel distribution Logistics Center.

  Henan Zhongyuan Four Seasons Aquatic Logistics port is 2012, 2013, 2014, Henan Province and Zhengzhou two key construction projects, but also Henan province, Zhengzhou, the key shopping basket project, the completion of the project and the formal operation of the company produced a good social and economic benefits.


Singapore's first Enterprise Group (joint venture)

  Singapore's first Enterprise group, the first of the top 50 enterprises in Singapore, was established in 1977 with more than 10 listed companies. Combining modern technology with Western marketing ideas, the group has successfully pushed its products to more than 70 countries and regions in five continents, and set up factories directly in 11 countries, and it is a Japanese food empire that manufactures or sells territories across Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

  In 1988, the first company entered the United States to create a precedent for the acquisition of foreign factories in Singapore, the successful acquisition of the United States online food sales company, the first enterprise in Singapore to acquire overseas marketing network, a precedent; 1993 into the Netherlands, the five continents production and marketing of the territory since then fully established; In Singapore, 50 outstanding enterprises ranked highest in the rankings, won the "Best Enterprise Award" and achieve diversified development.

  Since entering the 21st century, enterprises in the food industry and construction industry as pillars, involving steel, logistics, real estate and many other industries, the group has gradually become the annual turnover of up to 5 billion U.S. dollars of the Super Enterprise group. Chun and Real estate is Singapore's first enterprise group under the Chinese mainland to carry out real estate business subsidiary, Real Estate development and investment business in Fujian, Jiangsu and other provinces, currently with the Yangtze River delta as the strategic layout points.


  1., Singapore "World Pancake King" Wei Cheng Hui, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce/chairman, World Fuqing fellow deputy Chairman

  2. Executive chairman of Singapore's first Food Factory Ltd.

  3, "The first" company is Singapore's largest food multinationals, Mr. Goi is known as the "World Pancake King",

  4, the first group has developed into the world's largest production enterprises spring rolls leather

  5, the first food group in China, the local scale of frozen snack food manufacturers have 4, annual turnover of about 600 million yuan.

  6, in 1987, the first food group spent $20 million to buy an American company that was its agent and had a more than 30-year history.

  7, 1993, the acquisition of Fuzhou famous brewery-the first (Fujian) brewery Co., Ltd., followed by Qingdao Beer Group to discuss cooperation production----Fuzhou Tsingtao beer.

  8, the group bought a Guangdong employs more than 5,000 people state-owned food company,

  9, the first group of factories in Malaysia will continue to explore opportunities for expansion on the ground.

  10. The first food chairman, GOI, said yesterday that the acquisition of the Chinese beverage company-kin Li Bao-is not, mainly in the acquisition process, the most important accurate audit work can not be completed on schedule.

  11, Goi has become a number of listed companies in Singapore shareholders, namely, Super Coffee Group (supercoffeemix), Jia Fu Group (QAF), Fun Food Group (Tunglok), New Ye Technology Group (serialsystem), Thailand Village Holding Group ( Thaivillage) and the Woo Kang Group (youcan), most of them in food and catering companies

  In 12, he spent 1 million Singapore dollars, sponsoring the government to erect eight statues of Chinese history figures in the south of Binhai City.

  13, with Lin Shaoliang, Lin Wen-ji in the home owned by the total investment of 50 million yuan Fujian Crown FAI Food Enterprise Co., Ltd.-Located in Fujian province Fuqing Rong Qiao Economic Development Zone, founded in 1988,

  14, "Zhenjiang vinegar" factory-Heng Shun vinegar Industry and Singapore's first food plant agreed: Yu Hengshun Holdings 51%, in Dantu New area invested 100 million U.S. dollars to implement the Shannon vinegar and its derivative products to expand the ability to transform, and strive to "Eleven-Five" at the end of the vinegar expansion to 500,000 tons, the domestic market share of more than 20%.

  15, the establishment of Fujian famous Food Co., Ltd., located in Fuqing Rong Qiao Economic Development Zone

  16. Ruyi Group, Xiamen Vegetable Company and other institutions. Growing and exporting vegetables in Xiamen are also preparing to buy stakes in a meat-producing company, with a capital of up to 200 million yuan

  17, Huachen Company is the most powerful Chinese consortium in Singapore Goi Family Consortium---Hong Kong Far East Industrial Co., Ltd. Founded in Fuzhou

  Hong Kong Far East Industrial company with a strong background to the transnational consortium Singapore is a real estate development as the main business of transnational Group Enterprises, in Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore and other places have a large number of large and medium-sized real estate and hotels, High-tech Enterprises stake, and engaged in major supermarkets, food, machinery, electronics and many other industries.


The Belt and Road

Henan Zhongyuan Aquatic Products Logistics Port: Help "the Belt and Road" interconnection
The origin of the road
"the Belt and Road" to improve the development level of modern agriculture by agricultural cooperation in Cambodia